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We are leading OpenStack experts in Denmark. Our goal is to help companies save money,  by switching to the open source cloud software OpenStack. On the surface OpenStack is similar to Amazon AWS, but instead you have complete control over the infrastructure, while avoiding vendor lock-in and joining in on a community with over 60,000 members who are constantly working to make OpenStack even better. We want to show what OpenStack can, how it can be integrated and how the very expensive licenses can be saved away.

We offer

unClouded provides OpenStack consulting on many different levels, our main goal is to increase the adoption rate of OpenStack in the nordic countries, enabling us to catch up to the rest of the world. We offer lectures and training sessions for those seeking a better understanding of the technology, be it either technical or business intelligence. Furthermore we can provide a Proof of Concept installation to showcase how OpenStack can provide value in your company

OpenStack Danmark

The course is for those who want to learn more about OpenStack – its possibilities, the technology behind, use cases and more. It is possible to customize the course, going into specific topics, focusing on the technology or the business side of OpenStack, in order to make it relevant for your company


OpenStack PoC is the first step to integrating an on premise cloud , and the only way to showcase OpenStack on local servers. The purpose is to test the possibilities of incorporating OpenStack in your business, documenting the advantages of running either fully, on premise or hybrid cloud as well as ROI. It will also provide insights into hardware requirements based on benchmarking.


OpenStack training is a 3 day course for technical personnel. Typically, this training is needed when a Proof of Concept have been installed. The training will ensure personnel to continue to operate the environment or/and prepare it for the final implementation of an OpenStack deployment

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"After serveral years in this field, today we truly belive OpenStack is the Linux of cloud computing”
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